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Ayurveda is an old practice that helps to improve overall health, mind and spirit connection. Ayurveda can appear really effective for treating harmful diseases. Ayurvedic remedies appear as powerful solution for many health problems. Before it took a while to treat the patient but the introduction of Phyto-Molecule technology in herbal and ayurvedic products brought results faster and effective in ayurveda than before which means that ayurveda is a healthy way to lead one’s life.

Health Tadka has come up with this initiative to advance the usage of Ayurveda for various health diseases. Our lines of herbal products including the health products, personal care products, herbal juices and ayurvedic teas are specifically formulated to improve the health, lifestyle and treat other illness.


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Get instant status of your orders of ayurvedic products quick and easily.

Money Guarantee

Your funds are safe with us; we will refund full amount, if you return our herbal products

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We follow a systematic channel for the delivery of ayurvedic products

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Our executives will respond to your needs 24X7. Your queries related to herbal products will be solved.

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Offering wide range of certified Ayurvedic products

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Offering wide range of certified Ayurvedic products

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Customer review
वज़न कम होना और स्वादिष्ट स्वाद : औषध की इंस्टा ग्रीन टी के साथ मेरा एक चमत्कारी अनुभव था, यह अलग बात है की मैं लम्बे समय से ग्रीन टी…
Customer review
I always suffer from cold whenever weather changes and that’s of heights… my friend suggested this product... and it’s really effective….it worked and within a night I found myself relaxed……
Customer review
Working Women
Weight loss and tasty flavour: “It had been a miraculous experience with Aushadh’s INSTA GREEN TEA” Well I have been using green tea since long back but I found INSTA…
sneha health tadka website aushadh product reviews
Working Women
I wanted to start a good health habit of green tea intake but was not trying it due to taste issue….But this product helped me to easily get rid of…

Diseases Specific

We have also planned disease specific section, where we have combined few products which proved to be the best ayurveda remedy for treatment.


India is known as diabetic capital of the world, and this disease spreading fastly around us, the ayurvedic diabetic capsules manufactured by Aushadh treats problems related to low blood sugar, high blood sugar, also the role of ayurveda and herbal products has put a major effect for treating it and has better results than allopathic medicines to the root

In this hectic life and busy schedule, men generally lose physical stamina and are not able to enjoy their love life. Due to these unavoidable factors and body issues, the desires of an individual lower down. The herbal health products by Aushadh play major role to stable the physical stamina and act as immunity booster for men and cause no side effect.

The face of woman is the sign of victory but there are plenty of problems they face during different stages of their life and are unknown to them like burning sense in vagina, itching in vagina, hormonal problems. Ayurvedic Products can easily help women to fight from problems they face in their life as Herbal Products are safer and cause no side effect.

Arthritis affects 15% population i.e. over 180 million people in India. Joint Pain treatment, Ayurvedic treatments of joint pain, Bones problem solution or knee pain treatment is what everyone is looking for. Our ayurvedic products provide natural treatment to problems related to joint pains and arthritis naturally and try to bring best results in one’s body.

Diseases related to heart or heart problems can take place in one’s life easily and has become a leading cause of deaths in India. It is very important to prevent one from heart problems, and ayurveda is the most preferred way to lead healthy life. An Ayurvedic product treats the heart problems to the root and makes one’s life healthy.

Why Our Products ?

Ayurveda is an ancient science said to be gifted to humans by god’s them-self. We offer you Herbal and Ayurvedic Product range as it is said that every root, leaf,has its advanced benefits.


Pure & Authentic herbal products

All the ayurvedic products manufactured by DT Innovative Group, are made up of pure herbs and there extracts and molecules

No Side Effects

The best advantage of using Ayurvedic Products is that they cause no side effect on use

Contains Phyto- Molecules of herbs

All the ayurvedic products on Health Tadka are manufactured by using Phyto- Molecule Technology

Treats not only disease, but whole body

Ayurveda treats disease to the root that is beneficial for whole body

Contribution to Society

Our Company tried to contribute a bit to the society with Ayurvedic Products

Meet our team

A dedicated team with a vision of spreading the incredible benefits of Ayurveda Science.

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