Caffeine and green tea

As per the description of FDA, Caffeine- a food ingredient and a drug, It is generally consumed to avoid tiredness, drowsiness, and for some specific pain reliefs etc. for an epoch of time.
Caffeine occurs naturally in the leaves, seeds, fruits etc in at least 60 species where like seeds of coffee beans, leaves of yerba mate, etc. It was first discovered in 1819 by Friedlib Rounge, from the sample of beans that Raunge isolated from the world’s first sample of pure caffeine. For adults the consumption of such DRUG should not exceed 400 MG per day and for children; should be mostly discouraged. Heavy consumption of caffeine i.e. more than 500 to 600 mg a day can cause side effects such as nervousness, restlessness, dizziness, nausea etc.

Where green tea which has been started as a trend to be consumed and is encouraged on daily basis, our innovative product INSTA GREEN TEA avoids caffeine involvement as a part of its ingredient ,where caffeine causes major health risks and has been marked as a hazard, as researchers have found that caffeine causes:
DEPRESSION: for people who’re particularly sensitive in case of caffeine.
BLOOD SUGAR: that impact of caffeine in blood sugar brings not more but slightest rise in blood sugar.
PREGNANCY: problems such as consumption of caffeine more than 200mgs may case miscarriage or slow growth of developing fetus, the study of authors also state that caffeine can reduce 30% of chances of women getting pregnant.
BREAST FEEDING: as it passes into milk in small amount, may build up in nursing baby.
According to researchers, doctors, scientists, caffeine may trigger gut attack in people with the condition.
DEATH: death by caffeine may sound strange, but it can and has happened, a 19 years college student died due overdose of caffeine.

To protect and prevent our customers from such hazards, INSTA GREEN TEA didn’t invite caffeine to become its constituent. Green tea which we all consume for your fitness, refreshment, as welcoming drink, etc is much more safer in case of Insta green tea.

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