DIABETES is a notable disease which is spreading widely all around the globe crossing all the borders. Where people think that it’s just a normal disease which could affect anyone easily, but that’s what a false information they carry. More than 29 million people (10.2% approx) in United States have diabetes and more than 2.1 million people aged 20 years or older were newly diagnosed with diabetes. Also there are still many beasts remaining who not even know that they are suffering from it. But the heights of diabetes have now reached its peak and have rung the alarming bells which have now approached the epidemic proportion. Where diabetes is such a chronic disease, its existence isn’t new around us. Diabetes was primarily discovered in 1552 BC, when Hesy-Ra, an Egyptian physician, documented frequent urination as a symptom of a mysterious disease that also caused emaciation, then in 150 AD Greek physician Arateus described diabetes as melting down of flesh limbs into urine. Years later people known as urine tasters diagnosed diabetes by tasting the urine, which if came sweet was then said a diabetic patient. And now when If a mortal is agonizing with Diabetes, his body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrate and elevated levels of glucose in the blood.

Where most of us know that the most common long-term complications of diabetes include: damage to the large blood vessels of the heart, brain and legs (macro vascular complications)
damage to the small blood vessels, causing problems in the eyes, kidneys, feet and nerves. But least of relate that diabetes could even affect the fertility If you have been trying with no luck to get pregnant and have not been able to a find a reason for your infertility, it’s because your glucose levels are too high. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are more than 200,000 new cases of Type II diabetes diagnosed every year, with another 2.4% of the general childbearing population suffering from the disease but not knowing it.

Where diabetes has affected so many countries, INDIA wears the crown of being diabetic capital in the world, where more than where about 17% people of country have diabetes and about 77 million are considered to be pre-diabetic , which refers to those individuals who have higher than normal blood glucose levels, but not high enough to categorize them as diabetic. A study says that many communicable diseases such as tuberculosis AIDS will decrease and non communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer will increase. Also in the urban slum of New Delhi reported that only 36% of their respondents were aware of their diabetic status. Low awareness among the elderly is linked with difficulties in screening, diagnosis and treatment abilities Now the question arises that to whom should we blame behind this alarming approach of diabetes in India? “Our eating habits” and “lack of exercise”, and “unhealthy food “is the reason behind it.

India will be the diabetes capital of the world, and we have our diets to blame, says Dr Preet Bano: he commented on the diabetic status that “It’s been a fascinating journey, one that has given so many insights into this aspect of our life. As part of my work, I studied how our taste genes decide our food preferences, with genetics being the first part of the research. The second was focused on the nerves on the tongue, the signals sent to the brain and what happens in the brain, how it processes this food, at various levels, psychological being one,” explains Bano.

Nowadays Modern science is contributing its level best to fight against diabetes. In the future, we may accept that drugs are needed to allow us to lead modern lifestyles without increasing our risk of diabetes. The scientific community should be applauded for taking the pragmatic approach of searching for interventions that could help individuals, probably the majority, who are unable to maintain healthy lifestyles in the long term. Because our lifestyle means that diabetes will become a normal aspect of life, the research ongoing today is vital to provide tools to counteract the diabetes epidemic.

But above all aayurveda has made its space to beat diabetes all around, Americans and many foreign doctors now suggest aayurvedic treatment to treat diabetes Ayurvedic treatments for diabetes range from internal, herbal medications to purifying Panchakarma procedures such as Vamana,

Virechana, Vasti etc., based on the severity of the condition. These natural remedies are intended to enhance insulin sensitivity of type – 4 glucose receptors thus reducing insulin resistance, and also to enhance insulin secretion and regeneration of beta cells.

To enhance such treatment AUSHADH is now with all patients to fight with diabetes, with some effective products like


Individually they have the respective benefits :

  1. Such as GLYCEMIC CARE: It’s 100% natural and integrated with nanophyto molecules technology. Its most effective product to maintain sugar level i.e. Within 48 hrs to 7 days.
  2. DIA TEA: it regulates and control blood sugar level and also manage other problems that arise due to diabetes. It’s Loaded with anti-oxidant properties and could be taken on long basis with other medication
  3. KARELA JUICE: it’s an excellent source of weight loss and keeps immune system healthy, if consumed daily it will help to cure constipation and is also beneficial for asthmaticpatients.

All these products will help one to face diabetes easily and will receive more prompt results than other products, all our products are 100% natural and are risk free to consume.

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