Green tea is a sustenance potation which treats fat, weak brain functioning, and prevents from threatening diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and other neurodegenerative diseases. It’s not just consumed occasionally but regularly and is loaded with antioxidants. Anciently its consumption was started in northern and eastern India and China, and then it was spread all around the world.

Now 25% of total population consume green tea on regular basis and study says that those 25% people are found much healthier than the rest. It has many effective results on our body:

1. It increases fat burning and improves physical performance: The constituent green tea is in the list of substances which helps in reducing fat and it’s because, that boosts the metabolic rate and caloric trials in not so short time but definitely one finds results effective and impressive.

2. Improves functioning of brain: It not only improves brain functioning but protects one’s brain in old age. After a certain age one finds that they face difficulty in recognising things also they could not memorise things that easily as before. Green tea compounds have various protective effects on neurons that treat many neurodegenerative diseases.

3. Prevents from cancer: cancer is a menacing disease which materialise due to overgrowth of cells. Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidant which prevents one from, breast cancer by 22%, prostate cancer by 48%, colorectal cancer by 57%.

4. Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases: some threatening diseases like heart diseases and stroke are big reasons behind death. Green tea treats cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides. In 2015 meta-analysis of such observational studies, an increase in one cup of green tea per day was directly correlated with a 5% lower risk of death of death from cardiovascular diseases.

5. 7. Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes: type two diabetes has now reached to its outbreak since last few years and affected 300 million people worldwide. Studies have shown that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar level.

A cup of tea with so many benefits should be more said that a cup of health benefits. A cup which one more physical and mental health and a physically and mentally fit man automatically makes his financial heath better.

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