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Artho Tea

1,600.00 1,280.00
Key ingredients: 1. Curcumin (Haldi) 2. Boswellia (shallaki) 3. Ocimum Sanctum(Tulsi) 4. Green Tea Extracts Dosage: 1 tablet with 70 ML of warm water twice a day.

Aushadh BoostUp Life Cells

2,000.00 1,600.00
Key ingredients:
  1. Syzygium aromaticum(lonng): Known as ‘Spice Islands’ of Indonesia. Clove naturally heats up your body and prepares for the act by exciting your sexual organs.
  2. Ocimum Tenuiflorum (Tulsi): For those with high sexual urge and excessive masturbation habits, it is advisable for them to chew and eat a leaf of Tulsi each day before food.
  3. Alpinia galanga (कुलंजन): Galanga is a herb which is used as a flavor enhancer or physical immunity booster. The Galanga root has a strong flavor, similar to that of cloves.
  4. Celastru paniculatus (माल-कांगनी): Celastrus Paniculatus is a vine plant which grows natively throughout the Indian subcontinent. The seeds are also used as male sexual desire enhancers.
  5. Berberis Aristata( Daruhaldi): Daruhaldi is used in Ayurveda to treat eye disorders, skin disorders with itching, diabetes, urinary tract diseases, etc. Its paste, made with water is applied externally to relieve pain and inflammation.
  6. Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha): Ashwagandha, an effective herb, is considered to be a nature's gift to mankind. It is said to impact sexual health—increasing fertility and even sperm count.
Expert Opinion

Today, there are many factors that affect the sexual life. Due to hectic schedules and mental stress couples are not able to satisfy each other. Although, there are various options available in the market for this, but I- Boost is a herbal formula which contains selected herbs with no side effects.


Cardio Care

1,500.00 1,200.00
Key ingredients: 1. Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun): The Arjuna is an important medicine in both the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. The bark of the tree is a cardiac tonic. It is also high in Co-enzyme Q-10, which improves heart function and lowers blood pressure. 2. Trigonella Foenum (Methi): The leaves and the seeds are known for their medicinal value. It coats the lining of the intestine and stomach. Hence it works effectively against acid reflux and heartburn. It is mostly used for weight reduction. 3. Allium Sativum (Lassun): Garlic breaks up cholesterol in arteries, thereby preventing their hardening which can otherwise lead to heart attacks. With its Consumption regularly leads to reduction in blood pressure. It also relieves dizziness, gas formation, and shortness of breath. 4. Cinnamomum Verum (Dal-Chini): It has been used for joint pain, heart palpitations, and dysmenorrhea. This medical herb can be used in treatment and prevention of many common ailments such as acne, pimples, cough and digestive troubles. Expert Opinion

Heart diseases are very common in Indian people. Such disorders are generally hierarchical. The patients of heart disease have to undergo several types of expensive treatments. Cardio Care provides natural care by managing your heart related problems. It manages all the heart related problems and regular intake benefits the patient from further serious issues.



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Key ingredients: 1.Cucuma Longa (Haldi): Turmeric powder might be the healthiest spice on Earth. Used by Indian Ayurvedic healers for centuries. It is potential natural remedies for conditions like cancer, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, cognitive decline, cataracts, ulcerative colitis, etc. 2. Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi): Tulsi tastes hot and bitter. Leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of Tulsi are used in Ayurvedic preparations. It helps to relieve headache and diseases of head and neck. Tulsi leaves act as nerving tonic and help to sharpen memory. 3. Piper Nigrum (kali Mirch): Often referred as “king of spice”, black pepper is incredibly popular spice since ancient times. Good source of many anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-C and vitamin-A. Expert Opinion

Curcuol is a beneficial liquid which increases immunity of the human body that helps to fight from dangerous bacterial infection. From ancient period, turmeric has played an important role in Ayurvedic treatments. Turmeric is a major element in Curcuol, provides cure for different elements like arthritis, ulcer, jaundice, wounds, fever, trauma, skin diseases, etc. With regular intake Curcuol fights with many diseases and keeps the immune system powerful.


Fresh Morning

500.00 400.00
Key ingredients: 1. Senna(Senakepatte) 2. TrachyspermumAmmi (Ajwain) 3. OperculinaTurpethum (निशोथ) 4. FoeniculumVulgare (MotiSauf) 5. Triphala 6. Aegle Marmelos (Bael)  

Glycemic Care

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Key ingredients: 1. Eugenia Jambolana (Jamun): Eugenia Jambolana is a natural herb. It not only helps in preventing diabetes but is an overall solution to body problems. The leaves and bark are used for controlling high blood pressure. 2. Gymnema Sylvestries (gurmar): The plant has been used in traditional medicine, most notably to control blood glucose and an effective natural treatment for diabetes. The use of this product in all patients with diabetes has a positive result. 3. Azadirachta Indica (Neem Tree): This herb is widely utilized in Ayurveda, helps in significant lowering of blood sugar as estimated by glucose tolerance test. Helps in preventing or delaying the onset of the disease. 4. Momordica Charantia (Karela): Bitter Melon has been traditionally used to regulate blood glucose levels within the normal limits. Scientist discoverssome active constituents present in Bitter melon that was able to act in a similar way as insulin. 5. Aegle Marmelos (Bael): Leaves of bael are anti-diabetic whereas the bark and the root have proven anti-inflammatory properties. Bael leaves are an important constituent of a number of anti- diabetic medicines. The chewing of 5-10 leaves daily controls diabetes. 6. Sphaeranthus indicus (Gorakhmundi): Sphaeranthus indicus (also known as East Indian Globe Thistle) is a herb with a wide range of reported benefits but minimal research on it. Some studies suggest it to be a potent anti-diabetic agent. 7. Piper Nigrum(Kaali Mirch): often referred as “king of spice”, black pepper is incredibly popular spice since ancient times. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Expert Opinion

In India, every 4th individual is suffering from diabetes. Due to its long term effect, it causes high sugar levels which damage the working system of human beings. Herbal treatment for diabetes has been a part of ancient medical science for thousands of years because it helps in lowering sugar and reducing the damaging effects of the disease. Glycemic Care provides natural care by managing your diabetes. Besides this, it also handles all the extra prevailing complications of the disease.


Haldi Ras

Key Ingredients:
  • Cucuma Longa (Haldi)
  • Piper Nigrum (kali Mirch)

Insta Green Tea (Lemon Flavour)

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Key ingredients: 1. Green Tea Extract: Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. The dried leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis are used to produce various types of teas. Green tea is prepared by steaming and pan-frying these leaves and then drying them. 2. Lemon Peel Extract & Flavor: Lemon peels contain citrus bioflavonoids which are very powerful at reducing your levels of oxidative stress. Lemons are anti-micro brail and ward off against bacterial infections and fungi. 3. Stevia Extract: Stevia is a 100% natural, zero calorie sweeteners with a number of health benefits. Stevia (one of the sweet compounds in stevia)can reduce blood pressure. It is found that stevia lowered both blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal, compared to the other two sweeteners. Expert Opinion :  It is becoming important to maintain health in this busy life. Tea/Coffee is always a perfect partner to release the daily stress and feel fresh. But who knows that instead we are drinking a cup full of caffeine which might affect our body rigorously. Green tea shows powerful effect on body, this includes improved brain functions, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.


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Key ingredients:

  1. Brassica Campestris (Sarso):Needless to say, mustard has a long history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition. Mustard is referred to in Ayurvedic literature by various synonyms and this makes the task of identifying the plant and its varieties as it was understood in ancient times quite difficult.
  2. Mentha Piperita (Mentha):Peppermint is a flowering plant that grows throughout Europe and North America with a long history of use for digestive conditions. A mouth rinse containing peppermint oil reduced teeth staining; however, the effects on bacterial counts were lacking.
  3. Cinnamomum Camphora (Kapur):Barring religious significance, owing to their natural therapeutic benefits, for centuries Camphor is used as a traditional remedy to treat a number of ailments ranging from simple cough to serious cardiac problems.
  4. Syzygium Aromaticum (Lonng):Clove is suggested for people who complain of tooth ache. It helps in decreasing infection and has remarkable antiseptic properties. Clove oil is also applied on decaying tooth.
  5. Cymbopogon Martini (Aghinghass):The plant has been gathered from the wild since antiquity, and this method still produces an important portion of the essential oil. In traditionalmedicine both the plants and their oils are used to treat rheumatism, hair loss, arthritis, lumbago and spasms.

Expert Opinion India saw a doubling up of cases of dengue from 2014 to 2015 and the worst hit city was Delhi with over 1800 cases of the fever. 2016 isn't expected to be any better and this has become a cause of concern for the country. In such cases, this becomes really important for us to seriously look over a solution. No-Mosis a herbal solution for this problem. This product contains ancient herbs that prove to be a strong agent against mosquitoes. It does not kill them, but it generates an aura that makes them fly away from the surroundings.


Sweet Tulsi

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Key ingredients: 1. Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi): The medicinal plants are widely used by the traditional medicinal practitioners for curing various diseases in their day to day practice. In traditional system of medicine, different parts (leaves, stem, flower, root, seeds and even whole plant) of Ocimum sanctum have been recommended for the treatment of bronchitis, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, skin disease, arthritis, eye diseases, insect bites and so on. Expert Opinion

Considered holy by many religions, the Tulsi plant is revered for its divine properties. With immense benefits right from clear skin to dissolving kidney stones, Tulsi is a tonic for the entire body.Sweet Tulsi is formed with pure extracts of Tulsi, which gives relief from severe pains and incurable diseases. Regular intake leads to greater results.