Artho Care

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Artho KR is a unique product which has been formulated from phytomolecule technology especially for the treatment of joint pains. This product is blended with extracts of natural herbs and minerals. Ingredients used in this product are highly recommended for excessive pain in joints; they work as a great remedy and give instant relief for the prevailing pain.

1. Artho KR is formulated with pure herbal formula
2. Incorporated with Nano Phyto Molecules technology
3. Treatment for almost all types of arthritis
4. Capsule Artho KR is a unique blend of highly effective and rarely available herbs
5. It removes the cause and effect of arthritis as well as it repairs the damaged



One tablet in morning & one in evening after meals.



Key Ingredients:
1. Curcumin (Haldi)
2. Boswellia (Shallaki)
3. Ocimum Sanctrum (Tulsi)


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