Broncaid is an Ayurvedic medicine blends with traditional Indian herbs & natural ingredients to cure Asthma Excess mucus, sore throat, gasping for air, minor bronchial pain & irritation. The natural herbs used in broncaid treat even the oldest allergy like cough & cold and infection and it also work on narrowed airways that lead to coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.


  1.  Broncaid controls and cure the invasion of allergens which are the prime cause for asthma.
  2. Broncaid controls various factors that aggravate Asthma.
  3. Fight all the non-specific factors such as cold air, smoke, dust and acrid fumes, respiratory viral infection and emotional stress.
  4. Broncaid treats conditions characterized by attacks of wheezing, breathlessness and cough due to the narrowing of the air passage within the lungs.
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Key Ingredients:

  1. Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica)-LF
  2. Kateri (Solanum Surattense)-WP
  3. Som (Ephedra Vulgaris)-ST
  4. Dhatura (Datura Metel)-WP
  5. Bharangi (Clerodendrum Serratus)-RT
  6.  Pushkarmool (Inula Racemosa)-RT
  7. Abrak Bhasma
  8. Yavakshaar
  9. Suhaga (Borax)

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