Detox Spray


As per the Ions theory, negative ions are believed to be very beneficial for the improvement of health and mental fitness. We offer, a detox spray product has been formulated with a unique approach of attracting the negative ions present in the environment. With the little spray of it near your face and ears, you get an instant effect over your body.  It will increase the quantity of negative ions in the environment when inhaled.


  1. Instant reliefs to situations like stress and depression.
  2. Beneficial for headache and internal pain in eye, nose and ear.
  3. Remedy for Nausea, vomit, uneasiness etc.
  4. Can fill the need for negative ions in the body.
  5. It can be used at any point of the day, anytime.
  6. It can reduce the excess negative impact of Alcohol & Tobacco products.
  7. It can be helpful in improving the fuel performance in domestic & commercial gas cylinder.
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