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“He Support maintain a healthy prostate and strenthens the muscles while boosting stamina and energizing the male reproductive system”

Today’s world is so fast that our generation is not able to keep it up for this which causes stress, physical and mental trauma and affect our professional and personal life. We help you to boost your stamina so you can be as fit as needed.


  1. Promotes Vitality, Strength & Proper Function of the Male Reproductive System.
  2. Rejuvenates and strengthens the male reproductive system.
  3. Supports proper prostate size and function.
  4. Supports healthy libido.
  5. Supports healthy erectile function.

Suggest Use:-

As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule twice a day, 30 minutes before meal with full glass of water OR as directed by the Physician.


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  1. Tribuius Terrestris
  2. Withania Sombifera
  3. Pueraria Tuberosa
  4. Saw Palmetto
  5. Chlorophytum Borivilianum
  6. Anacyclus Pyrethrum
  7. Black Pepper

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