Herbal Liquid Detergent

Sparkling Herbal Liquid Detergent

Aushadh presents Liquid Detergent can easily clean your clothes like wool, silk, cotton, linen without damaging the fabric. It also removes stain, kills germs, and softens fabric. It keeps the clothes looking fresh and new after washing and makes the clothes bright and clean. Without phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemical residue. Formulated for both standard and high-efficiency (He) washing machines. Works in all temperatures


  1. removes stains leaving clothes clean and vibrant
  2. It dissolves in water completely
  3. It doesn’t get airborne like powdered detergent
  4. Contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives that are dangerous to human health.
  5. Less likely to cause allergies which is important when washing children’s clothes


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