Men Tea

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Men Tea is an Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine based on pure Ayurvedic science that instantly boosts up the power, stamina and desire. It is a based on 100 % herbal formula containing selected phytoceuticals. It helps in improving the physical performance of males. It also helps to give relief from fever and other symptoms associated with inflammation and infection in the body.


1. Blended with naturally selected herbs which is effective for physical performance
2. Beneficial remedy for maintaining reproductive system
3. Powerful medicated tea that increase sexual stamina and desire
4. Natural remedy for sexual debility and low sperm count
5. Gives relief from inflammation and infection


One tablet in 70 ML warm water twice a day or as directed by physician

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Key Ingredients:

1. Cinnamomum Verum (Dal-chinni)
2. Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru)
3. Lemon Peel extracts
4. Green Tea Extracts
5. Stevia


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