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“SHE support maintains the healthy production of female hormones and promotes vitality. Strength & proper function of female reproductive system.”

Women are multitasker, they do many things at once but sometime this may cause trauma which make them feel low and stressful. We help to boost up your stamina so you can be the best in your game.



  1. Promotes vitality strength & proper function of female reproductive system.
  2. Support your regular and healthy menses.
  3. Support fertility and a healthy libido.
  4. Maintains Proper balance of female hormones.
  5. Support a healthy menopause transition.

Suggest Use:-

As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule twice a day, 30 minutes before meal with full glass of water OR as directed by the Physician.


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  1. Asparagus Racemosus
  2. pueraria Tuberosa
  3. Withania Somnifera
  4. Bacopa Monnieri
  5. Convolvuls Pluricauli
  6. Terminalia Arjuna
  7. Tinospora Cardifolia
  8. Boerhavia Diffusa
  9. Triphala

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