Slim Trim Tablet


Slim trim tablet

Aushadh’s Slim & Trim contains a wonder formulation of herbs that burn the fat in your body and provides a sustained weight loss effect unlike most other slimming treatments. The formula combines the best effects of both Triphala and guggulu that aids in digestion and lowering body weight. Breaks down the most stubborn fat produced by skin called Cellulite thus resulting in inches loss of Tummy Arms, Thighs and Neck etc.


  1. The weight once lost with Slim & Trim never comes back
  2. It will help you in making your stomach flat. Inch loss will be permanent
  3. It will help in increasing metabolism and you will experience a feeling of lightness.
  4. It enhances the metabolic rate and hence helps in burning fats and lipids inside the body.
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60 Capsules


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