Women Tea ( 60 Tablets )

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Product Description

Features of Women Tea (60 Tablets)

  • Women Tea is an herbal tea supplement exclusively designed for females. It is based on pure Ayurvedic science that helps women fight various health problems and issues related to day to day help. It is made up from selected extract of natural herbs that increases immunity. The product is highly effective for abdominal cramp, loss of appetite, anemia, backache, purifies blood that makes the skin glow. 

    • It controls hormonal balance and cramps during menstruation
    • Women Tea is an exclusive product for women health
    • Incorporated with the extracts of the selective herbs
    • Improves the immune system and maintains health
    • Purifies the blood that makes the skin glow and remain healthy 

  • Key Ingredients:
    • CinnamomumVerum  (Dal-chinni)
    • Tribulusterrestris (Gokhru)
    • Lemon Peel extracts
    •  Green Tea Extracts
    • Stevia