Milk Protein Shampoo (100ml)

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Product Description

Our Natural Protein Shampoo has coconut-based cleansers that gently cleanses and natural proteins strengthen, moisturize and help reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals and pollution. Rich-lathering shampoos rob your hair of their protein and leave a layer of chemicals causing dandruff and hair fall. Helps to prevent hair fall, itchy, flaky scalp with the best shampoo you've ever tried and say hello to gorgeous, flowing hair.


                    Nourishes hair with natural protein, prevents hair fall and other hair problems.

                    Makes hair soft, silky, shiny and tangle free.

                    Effective in removing dandruff, dust and dirt.

                    Promotes healthy and lively hair.

                    Natural Conditioner and maintain the natural oil of hair scalp.

Key Ingredients:

Aloevera Ext., Milk Protein,Base Consisting of: water(coco die, coco betain, AOS),Colour, Perfume & Preservative