Charcoal Soap (100gm)

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Product Description

Charcoal soap is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, nutrients and a perfect therapy for oily and combination skin types.It is a deep cleansing bathing soap that removes dirt and debris from your pores leaving skin ultra-clean. It contains glycerin that provides gentle nourishment to the skin, resulting in a fresh feeling skin. It makes your skin feel light and silky. It also helps control oily face problems by removing excess oil without leaving your skin dry. It can be used for both women and men.




·         Opens Clogged Pores

·         Remove Blackheads

·         Helps in maintaining Discoloration.

·         Absorbs dirt, pollution and excess oil to leave skin soft and smooth.

·         Blend of fragrances for long-lasting odor protection.

·         Suitable for all skin types, both male and female, SLS & Paraben Free.



How to use:

Apply on wet skin & rub gently on all over the body then wash with water or as directed by physician.