Tulsi Clove (30ml)

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Tulsi Clove

Tulsi Clove is one of our product that has brought two oldest herbs together. Tulsi and clove are used all over India as one of the important ingredients of the kitchen. As we have listened from our elders they are very beneficial in maintaining health and provide various benefits to the body. It helps to control cold and cough, relive pain and increases bone and liver health.


·         It helps to protect against cancer.

·         It helps in reducing stomach ulcer.

·         It helps to reduce stress and control blood pressure.

·         It helps to improve premature ejaculation.

·         It helps to boost the immunity system.

Key Ingredients:

·         Tulsi

·         Clove


Take 5 - 7 drops in 70 ml hot water in the morning and evening or take as directed by the health practitioner.