Bruise Blend(10ML)

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Product Description

Uses : To lessen the healing time of bruises, ease discomfort and inflammation, and minimize the appearance of a newly forming scar. This exemplary blend promotes cellular renewal, soothes, and supports skin health while its aroma calms and quiets the mind.

Benefits of Lavender essential oil : Anti-inflammatory – Reduces swelling which may reduce pressure causing pain. Increases blood flow which can help speed up the healing process. Antiseptic – Cuts often accompany bruises, dependent on the injury, and this oil can work to clean the wound, as well as treating the bruised area. Analgesic – This oil has the power to actively relieve pain.

Benefits of Helichrysum essential oil :  Anti-bacterial – If a bruise is accompanied by cuts, this oil’s anti-bacterial compounds will help to prevent infection.

Benefits of Fennel essential oil : It rapidly helps in skin recovery from bruises, cuts & eruptions.

Made with 100% PURE essential oils including : Lavender , Peppermint, Lemon diluted appropriately with compressed coconut oil.

For 12 years and older with easy to use roll-on to naturally fights from seasonal infections and protects the body.

FREE FROM: Parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, gluten ,dyes, mineral oil, artificial colors, and synthetic perfumes

Cruelty FREE: No animal testing and made in the India with domestic & imported materials

HOW TO USE: Roll on Bruise  Essential Oil Blend directly on the affected part of the skin.