Fever Support(10ML)

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Product Description

Uses : Useful in fever and chills . It comforts your body with its cooling effects while calming your senses. Fever Relief allows you to restore your energy and be active again in no time. An excellent support for use during Fever to help stabilize body temperature.

Benefits of Lemon essential oil :  Vitamin C content helps in increasing immunity.

Benefits of Frankincense essential oil :  Frankincense may also help soothe a fever, especially if there is also inflammation in the body, and help treat other illnesses that can cause a fever.

Benefits of peppermint essential oil :  Peppermint essential oil can be used to help cool the skin and body when you have a fever. A  study showed that menthol works to cool the body when it's put on the skin. Cold and flu ointments with menthol are often rubbed onto the chest and back for this reason.

Made with 100% PURE essential oils including : Lavender , Peppermint, Lemon diluted appropriately with compressed coconut oil.

For 12 years and older with easy to use roll-on to naturally fights from seasonal infections and protects the body.

FREE FROM: Parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, gluten ,dyes, mineral oil, artificial colors, and synthetic perfumes

Cruelty FREE: No animal testing and made in the India with domestic & imported materials

HOW TO USE: Roll Fever Support Essential Oil Blend on all along spine, sole of feet, around Belly Button, along crown of head and base of skull, every 15 to 30mins until fever subsides.